Newton’s third law of Emotion!

“Every action has an unequal but similar reaction”…is what I think should be a corollary to Newton’s third law.                       


I was standing in the queue at the cash counter of a hospital. The queue was long, cashier was slow and people were edgy. As I finally got to 3rd position in waiting, I saw that the man who was making his payment at the counter dropped some paper and reactively bent to pick it up. Now, as he was in the process of standing back, I sensed that his head would hit the counter’s edge and I instinctively stretched my hand to cover the edge. As his head hit my hand, he looked back surprised and then gave me a smile of thankfulness.

Many people in the queue saw this

In next 3-4 minutes, a boy helped another old man with his falling documents, a man from village offered me a change of five hundred rupees demanded by the cashier, someone left his place from the queue looking for a man whose file had come to the counter, and a young girl stood up from the bench alongside the counter to offer her place to an elderly…

Well! You know what! In the kind of world we live, ‘irritability’ is what you call ‘the by-default value’. Yes! With all that goes on around us, it is only natural for most of us to be mean, opportunist, cynical, self-centered or simply indifferent or ‘disconnected’. In such a world, where each of us ‘feels like’ and ‘lives like’ an island, compassion is just a fragile and transient concept.

Yet, the good news is that…


…it is also ‘contagious:-)

About Sandeep Atre

Sandeep Atre, PhD: Dr. Sandeep Atre is the Founder-Director of Socialigence – an organization that specializes in the development of ‘Social Intelligence’ through its focused online-courses and customized workshops on ‘observing nonverbal behavior and understanding emotions for greater interpersonal effectiveness and self-management’. ( He is also one of the Founder-Directors of CH EdgeMakers - a leading ‘Coaching and Training’ group of Central India. In his career of close to one and a half decade, he has trained thousands of students, and professionals of more than fifty organizations and institutions. He has authored two books “Understanding Emotions Logically – A layman’s guide to the foundations of Social Intelligence” and “Observing Nonverbal Behavior – An exhaustive guide to the essential skill of Social Intelligence” and has also been a noted blogger for last many years. He has also featured at various prestigious platforms as a ‘Management Speaker’ and ‘Motivational Orator’ and has also served on various advisory and editorial boards. He has earned repute for his value-additive innovation and holistic methodology in his domain.
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