‘Old enough’ or ‘too young’?

The other day, a father came with his son to meet me…He wanted some suggestions for his son (…I wish I myself had taken one from a person wiser than I am). Couldn’t resist being really affected by what I witnessed throughout the meeting (I mean, the way father was treating his son…)…So, this post!!

The greatest irony of our society is that we relate respect with factors like age, gender, creed and cadre rather than the factors like potential, contribution, genuineness and performance. We believe that by virtue of being a boss or a rich or a senior citizen, we are entitled to get respect.

Its corollary can be that because someone is a peon or earns less or is younger in age, it is not necessary to give him respect. This is ridiculous! People should not be characterized by what they have; rather they should be evaluated by what they do. It is all about using a fair criterion! A criterion which does not depend on what you are bestowed with, but how you produce the deliverables!

In other words, it is about ‘Egalitarianism’.

It is an issue with our social system… Even in our families, the younger people don’t have a say until they become elders and there is a favorite saying in India “No matter how big you are, you can never become bigger than your parents”. That’s why parents decide the career stream their kids would take, without knowing even the full-form of the degree they want their kids to pursue…

Don’t misunderstand me! The respect for parents is a must and they are indeed the most important people in our lives, but I also see a hint of compulsive-respect coming across…So, parents should give advice and children should not overlook it… But, the children should also be given enough respect with their opinions.  

Let’s see it this way… If you will keep on telling your kids what to do, then they will only be as wise as you are!

About Sandeep Atre

Sandeep Atre, PhD: Dr. Sandeep Atre is the Founder-Director of Socialigence – an organization that specializes in the development of ‘Social Intelligence’ through its focused online-courses and customized workshops on ‘observing nonverbal behavior and understanding emotions for greater interpersonal effectiveness and self-management’. (www.socialigence.net) He is also one of the Founder-Directors of CH EdgeMakers - a leading ‘Coaching and Training’ group of Central India. In his career of close to one and a half decade, he has trained thousands of students, and professionals of more than fifty organizations and institutions. He has authored two books “Understanding Emotions Logically – A layman’s guide to the foundations of Social Intelligence” and “Observing Nonverbal Behavior – An exhaustive guide to the essential skill of Social Intelligence” and has also been a noted blogger for last many years. He has also featured at various prestigious platforms as a ‘Management Speaker’ and ‘Motivational Orator’ and has also served on various advisory and editorial boards. He has earned repute for his value-additive innovation and holistic methodology in his domain.
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