abnormally perfect!

In life, everything cannot be right or wrong! Some things can be just… different.


My first real exposure to homosexuals was in a different cultural setup. We had gone to meet an elderly gentleman, and he was waiting for who he was referring to as his ‘partner’. Initially, we read the obvious in the term, until his partner joined us. And well! What I felt in the succeeding interaction was really an education in human relationships…

Well! I am a heterosexual (that too a pretty ‘driven’ one 🙂 ), so I really don’t know how homosexuals feel. And I prefer to not to have an opinion on something that I don’t understand. Yet, in those fleeting moments, as they looked at each other, I saw something that I have only seen between two persons who are deeply connected to each other.

That ‘look’ shared by them had the elements of ‘attachment, respect and trust’ that are not seen in 90% of the normal couples I come across. Now, I don’t know what to call the ‘feeling’ they shared, and I also don’t have a judgment on whether that feeling is legitimate, ethical or even ‘normal’. But honestly, that day, what I witnessed was…‘abnormally perfect’.


Well! What happens in the bed, or how it happens, alone can’t define ‘normalness’. It’s also what is shared by two persons between their two ‘embedding moments’ that defines how ‘normal’ their relationship is.

Am I wrong?

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Sandeep Atre, PhD: Dr. Sandeep Atre is the Founder-Director of Socialigence – an organization that specializes in the development of ‘Social Intelligence’ through its focused online-courses and customized workshops on ‘observing nonverbal behavior and understanding emotions for greater interpersonal effectiveness and self-management’. (www.socialigence.net) He is also one of the Founder-Directors of CH EdgeMakers - a leading ‘Coaching and Training’ group of Central India. In his career of close to one and a half decade, he has trained thousands of students, and professionals of more than fifty organizations and institutions. He has authored two books “Understanding Emotions Logically – A layman’s guide to the foundations of Social Intelligence” and “Observing Nonverbal Behavior – An exhaustive guide to the essential skill of Social Intelligence” and has also been a noted blogger for last many years. He has also featured at various prestigious platforms as a ‘Management Speaker’ and ‘Motivational Orator’ and has also served on various advisory and editorial boards. He has earned repute for his value-additive innovation and holistic methodology in his domain.
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