रिश्तों का अदब

कितने भी करीब क्यों न रहे हों, लोग आपके बिना जीना सीख ही जाते हैं. 


ज़िंदगी में जगहें खाली नहीं रहतीं. आप की जगह को आपके बाद कोई और ‘उसी’ तरह भले ही न भर पाए पर उसकी भरपाई तो कर ही देता है. जी हां, लोगों को नए हमसफ़र, नए ख़ैर-ख़्वाह और नए ग़मगुसार मिल ही जाते हैं. आप सा भले ही ना मिले पर उन जगहों को नए चेहरे और नाम मिल ही जाते हैं.

इसलिए किसी की ज़िंदगी में होना ना तो ‘अपना हक़’ और ना ‘उस पर एहसान’ समझिये. अरे! जगहें तो पहले से अपने खांचों के साथ मौजूद थीं, आप बस नज़दीक थे इसलिए उनमें आ गए. वो खांचे आपके मोहताज नहीं हैं. आप जा कर तो देखिये, ज़िंदगी उन्हें फिर से भर देगी – कभी जल्दी कभी ज़रा देर से.       


लोगों की ज़िंदगी में अपनी जगह की क़द्र कीजिये. रिश्तों का अदब है.

About Sandeep Atre

Dr. Sandeep Atre: • Counseling Psychologist and an internationally recognized ‘Emotional & Social Intelligence’ Expert, with experience of more than two decades in helping people ‘sort out’ and ‘excel in’ intrapersonal and interpersonal matters. He holds a PhD in Management and a Master’s degree in Psychology (www.dratrecounsels.com). • Founder of Socialigence – a venture specializing in development of ‘Social & Emotional Intelligence’ and its offshoot interpersonal skills through workshops and an award-winning online course rooted in neuroscience and psychology (www.socialigence.net). • Author of two books related to his domain, namely - “Understanding Emotions Logically” and “Observing Nonverbal Behavior”; and third book on various aspects of life, named “Two Paras of Everyday Wisdom”. Moreover, the collection of his Nazms and Ghazals is published as a book titled “Baat Jazbaat Ki”. • Corporate Trainer, with experience of close to two decades. Has conducted 150+ workshops/sessions for 50+ organizations & institutions like CSC, Cummins, Piramal, Ranbaxy, Lupin, Bridgestone, Michelin, Eicher, Maruti, Force, Idea, Airtel, NBHC, SBI, HDFC, L&T, Zydus, Thapar University, Banasthali, Narsee Monjee, Symbiosis, IIFM Bhopal, Azim Premji University, Nirma, Welingkar & IBS Hyderabad. • Co-Founder and Director of CH EdgeMakers – a leading ‘Coaching and Training’ organization of central India for more than 24 years. He has trained close to 100 thousand students for ‘Soft Skills’ & ‘Entrance & Recruitment Preparation’ (www.ch-india.com). • ‘Management Speaker and Orator’. Has featured at platforms like TEDx, IIM, IIT, NIT, CII, YI, CII-IWN, TCS, IMA, ICAI, ECA, ISHRAE, NEN, Sahodaya, Aditya Birla Education Academy, Round Table, LinkedIn Local, Rotary International, MP State’s Teachers’ Training, Academic Staff College DAVV, Police University Rajasthan, Police Training Academy Indore & more than 100 institutions. • Member of noted associations and boards. Has been an ‘Executive Committee’ member of Indore Management Association. Associate Editor of IMA publications. Governing Council Member of Banasthali University’s SBBJ Centre for Research in MSME & Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Women. Executive Member of IMS, DAVV Alumni Association. Member of Rotary International’s ‘Group Study Exchange’ team to Minnesota, USA. ESI Coach with FWSA Australia. Note: For glimpses of work, watch YouTube Channel ‘Dr. Sandeep Atre at Socialigence’.
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